Thursday, 27 October 2011

Stationery and Nail polish Haul!

Stationery and Nail polish Haul!

First part I will haul the stationery!! 

The first thing I got was some tags!! I was bored of all the boring same coloured tags so as soon as I saw these I bought three of them!! Each was for RS. 65/$0.75 . These are from deli.

Post it's

2. I got some graph pads! Hell lot of work I have to do in maths!
3. Some notepads from Paragon. Iam an O Levels student thus have to make a lot of notes!!

4. last thing I got were some pens!! These included stadelar ballpoints, Dollar coloured pointers and highlighters!!!

Next I am going to haul my nailpolishes I got from Agha’s Supermarket.

The first thing I quickly laid hands on was the O.P.I crackle nail polish in black!! I was so excited to get this as it was the crackle and also my first O.P.I nail polish! I got the Crackle for PKR 925/$10.66   .

2. I got my 2nd O.P.I nailpolish  “JADE IS THE NEW BLACK
I am in love with this nail polish!!
I got it for PKR795/$8.64  .

3. I got a DMGM nail polish in Brown colour! Ahh forgot the name!!=P
It was forPKR295/$4.55  .

  Also I got some Etude House Mini French in Gold Glitter and white!! Both for PKR190/$2.19  .

 ·         Last thing that is not nail polish I got was the Etude House Kissful lip Pot. These are extremely good lip scrubs!! And just forPKR260/$2.99.

So this is the end of my haul!!! 
Hope you like it!!
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Monday, 24 October 2011

♥★Coming up!!★♥

Guys!! Coming up on my blog are :
1. Stationery and Nail polish haul !!
2. Korean Ullzang Eye makeup Tutorial!!
3. REVIEW: O.P.I crackle in Black!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Etude House Haul! ^___^

ETUDE House Haul!!^___^
Recently when I went to Agha’s supermarket I saw the New* Original Etude House products there and definitely I went drools over them!!! So I bought a few of them ad made a list of things that I would buy next time that I go there!!

So the first thing I got my eyes where on the Dear Darling Nails Nailpolish!!!! There were many colours but the one that attracted me was the 19 one a Pink glittery colour! It costed me only PKR 225/ $ 2 . 57!

Next thing side to the nail polishes was the Mini French!! I bought 2 of them. They were 1. #05 French Black and 2. #11 French Marine Glitter. Both of these polishes were for PKR 190/ $ 2 . 17.

The lasst thing I got was the Princess Finger Food Strawberry Lollipop Hand Lotion!
The lotion has a great handy bottle and also it is extremely moisturizing also a plus point that it is not sticky at all!!^__^ and the price is extremely great which is PKR 175/ $ 2 . 00.

  Hope you like the haul!!
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