Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My special surprises from Korea!! 

Iam a Korean freak and last year something totally awesome happened ...
My Dad has alot of Korean friends and last year of friends from Korea came to Pakistan in Feburary... When he came to Pakistan my dad brought him home .. And super excitedly I met him.. And as I was a Korean freak I spoke to him in Korean and he was totally surprised to see my great Korean accent and my love for Korea.

The same year in June I got a TCS and in the TCS was a letter and 2 CDs ..
When I opened them I got totally blown up by what was in there... A Super Junior Show 2 DVD n book and 2NE1 To anyone album! My Happiness couldn't be controlled ... And it was super happy ..
My happiness came to the next level when in the same year in November he came back to Pakistan and brought me 5 Korean albums and a Girls Generation 'The Boys' Tshirt.... I couldn't control my Happiness at all... albums of Tara, Secret, Girls Generation, Brown eyed Girls,Wonder Girls!!
I went crazy after this... I told everyone about It and put all of them on my front table ... ;)

I Hope u like the Experience I shared with you.. :)
I will upload more pictures of the album... And keep updating you with more updates :p
And please do comment as I love to read them and do keep supporting ...
고맙습니다 .....