Monday, 29 August 2011

♥My 1st Haul^__^

This is my first haul. The things I bought were from Agha’s one of Karachi’s best super market.

Agha's Supermarket.

The first thing I bought was the luscious makeup brushes. Luscious is a Pakistani makeup brand.
The brushes came with a price tag of PKR 850/$9.79. These brushes can also be bought from the luscious website: The brushes were of good quality.
The brush case.
The Brushes

Second thing I got was the Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer in 030 natural beige. This concealer was for PKR 575/$6.62. The concealer did not work for me as it was too light for my skin tone but works perfectly for my sister so I gave it to her.

Next thing I bought were the cool and cool oil blotting facial tissues! The price of this product was for something PKR 180/$2.07 but I don’t exactly remember. Haven’t used them yet but have heard good reviews about them.

2nd last thing I bought were the Purederm yogurt pack. I bought one in strawberry which costed around PKR 95/$1.09 and the grape one was for PKR50/$0.58.

The last thing I bought was my tooth brush! ^______^
I bought the Colgate Extra clean. And I bought it in lime green color.

This is it! I would soon review the luscious brushes for you guys.

Thank you! Please do comment as I love to read comments. Please do support me!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sara Hassan Sigma Flare Palette giveaway!

Sara Hassan the great blogger is having another giveaway.... and this time it is a Sigma Flare Palette!!!
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Wednesday, 24 August 2011


This summer my family and I went for a Euro Tour!! The tour was actually unexpected, we actually were going to visit our aunt in England but then we ended up filing the German Schegen visa forms and ended up going on a Euro tour!  Our tour was organized by the Taj Tours, a UK based Indian tour. The name of our tour was ‘The European Splendor’. I would definitely recommend this tour to all the Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis planning to for a Euro tour. If you want the contact them the website is

The tour started off by going to Düsseldorf, Germany (we actually joined our tour from Brussels). First we took an Emirates flight to Dubai were literally the world lives, unfortunately we only got an hour stay at the airport, but it was amazing! Arriving at Düsseldorf we were welcomed by my dad’s friend. The airport was very huge and nice! 

Dusseldorf Airport

Soon we drived to our hotel and checked into the ibis hotel, the hotel have great service and are at the best location (near a train station) the evening we had dinner with my dad’s friend’s family at an Indian restaurant. Next day we took train tickets for Brussels, Belgium. In our travel through train we had a stop for 45 min at Köln were we rushed to see the great Colonel cathedral.
Colonel Cathedral
Later we took another train to Brussels, and there checked into our hotel Ibis (again)! After refreshing we went down to watch the Grand Palace of Belgium (thanks to the location of the hotel it was a minutes’ walk). 

Grand Palace- Belgium
Lucky for us the day we arrived there, there was going to be a special show at 9 o clock. We watched it and then finally went to hotel and had a good night sleep because next day we were going to join our tour! 
The show
Next day after checking out we waited for our tour group and thank we found them easily. After this we went to Frankfurt, Germany. There we had a night stay at the Park Hotel Krone.  Next day we went to Heidelberg, Germany, also visited the Black forest area and had cruise on the river titsee and later entered Switzerland then visited the Rhine falls. 

Lake Titsee

Rihne falls
We stopped at Engelberg. Next day at Engelberg we visited the mount. Titils and went there to see the glacier and also went on a ice flyer!!!! It was the best the most amazing place I had been too!! Later in evening we went to have a cruise on the river Lucerne!
Mount Titlis

Cruise at Lake Lucerene
Off from Switzerland! We travelled to Florence, Italy were we went to the piazzae Michelangelo (a bird’s eye view of Florence) and also saw the naked statue of the great hero David! Soon after that we went to Venice and there we took a ride on the so cool yet so traditional gondolas of Venice. 

Piazzae  Michelangelo
From Venice we had a long ride up to Rome were we had a two day stay at the Sheraton hotel! Next day we toured Rome where we went to see the mighty Colloseum and then saw various old and new artifacts of Rome. Next stop of our was to see the Vatican museum and the Vatican City were we saw the marvelous statues made by Michelangelo and also the Sistine chapel! Later we had a ride back to the hotel where we ate our Chinese meal of the day! Also in the night we had an excursion tour to see Monaco the smallest country of the world and also to see the first ever casino that was built the famous Monte Carlo!

Vatican Museum

Monte carlo
!  Pisa, here we come! After Rome we went to see the amazing Leaning Tower of Pisa and also the field of miracles. After Pisa we entered France and went to see a French perfumery Fragonard! And then visited the beautiful beach of Cannes! From Cannes we went to the one the only Paris! When we arrived to Paris it was night time so we went on another excursion Paris by Night tour! We saw the lightened Eifel tower at night other great monuments!!! Lastly had a ride on a boat that showed all the great monuments of Paris through the river where we also saw the small model of the statue of liberty!
Leaning Tower of Pisa

Cannes beach

Eifel tower
Last day!!!!=(. This was the proper tour of Paris where we first saw the tunnel where Lady Diana’s tragic accident took place! Then we went to see various other monuments such as the plastala conqured, the famous avenue of sahnza lizae, the Arc De Triomphe and many others! Next we went on the first and second floor of Eifel tower were we experienced cold winds and spectacular view!
Plastala conqured

2nd floor of the tower!
Coming down from Eifel tower was the end of the journey with our tour as they had to go back to UK but we had to leave them at Paris. Saying goodbye to all the friends we made in these ten days!!! I would always remember them Priti, Ishan, Kushal, many more and how can I forget my tour guide Roshan! She was the best! After separating from them we took a taxi to our hotel novotel! We were so much tired that we had a good night sleep (next day 3 o clock we had our flight back to Karachi, Pakistan). Next morning we woke up around 9 o clock and went out for a walk! Came back around 12 o clock checked out, got in a cab and went to Charles de guale airport saying bye to Europe!!! The best trip of my life!!

Other things in our journey, our cooks that made delicious food for all of us and through this tour I also found out a lot about Indian cuisine!
Our food bus!
Unlucky factor for us was that whenever we arrived at a hotel the time was 6 o clock and by then all the shops had been closed and whenever we went to a shopping place it used to be Saturday and Sunday so…. All shops CLOSED! And the only shopping I could do were souvenir shopping! And I saved it all for Paris and when we reached Paris it was Saturday and Sunday!!! I saw a LV store and it was on sale the bag I wanted ‘Never full’ was available at a cheap price but …..  The Shop was closed because it was Sunday! Even though I tried next day on Monday still it was closed unlucky meh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just got to do little accessories shopping at a small store that was open on Monday morning!


So this was my tour to Europe hope you like the pictures and please do comment as I love to read COMMENTS! THANK YOU!