Saturday, 11 August 2012

14th August 2012 !!

Well it's 14th August on Tuesday ; amd it's the Independence day of Pakistan :)
Ia'm really excited for this day as we have a gathering at home .. Also one day before that on 13th August ,My Olevel result is coming out ...
So I wanted to share SOME of the things that i have that are Green :))

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Back to School ; Must Haves ♥

Hi Friends 

Well as Schools are starting there are some must haves that should be in your bags.

1. Body Sprays or Mist.

This is necessary for every girl to bring to school / college.

U never know when you need it.

2. Hand Sanatizer!

In school or at College there are a lot of things that are dirty and infecting. So Hand Sanatizers should always be with you!

3. Tissue Paper.

Tissues are a MUST HAVE You will definetly need it at school / College !

4. Candies.

You never know when u might wanna eat one during class ;)

5. Hair clips and Hair Ties!

Always needed , Sometimes by you or a friend  

6. Earphones.

MUST BRING THEM  At least I cant live without listening to Music!!

7. Mirror!!

U will always need it !!

Well according to me these are the Must Haves..
If you have any to share do comment below about it , I would love it read them ♥
Photo Courtesy ; Google & My BLOG !
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Love ; ZAINAB ♥

Old Haul ! ♥

Hello guys 

I was recently looking up some things and found some pictures I took for the blog but forgot to post!

So 2-3 months back I bought a few stuff, that I would LOVE to share 

1. Tony and Guy; Firm Hold Hairspray.

Well as usual I loved this product of Tony and Guy. The hairspray holded the hair perfectly in it's place and it was long lasting. Also a shine was there in the hairs after using this hairspray.

2. Tony and Guy Frizz Controlling Curl Conditioner.

This was actually bought by my sister but I also gave it a try. The Product is really good and does the job that it claims to do; Taming frizz ♥

3. Clean and Clear; Deep Cleansing Makeup Remover!

I was searching for a makeup remover that doesn't dry up my skin after removing makeup and luckily I found one. This product by Clean and Clear is fabulous and is worth a try.

Swatch of the REMOVER ♥ (Bad Lighting) 

4. Clean and Clear; Deep Action Pore Cleanser.

This was recommended to me by my friend. Well, I  this product.
It refreshes my skin, thoroughly cleaning it. I would totally recommend this.

Again Bad lighting :(
Swatch of the Pore Cleanser!
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Will try to improve the lighting of the picture !
Thanks ; ZAINAB ♥

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Back to School ; How to keep your Desk Organized!

There are various ways to keep your desk organized.
As schools are starting I thought of doing a Back to School Series :)

So these are the ways to keep your desk organized.

1. Keep your pens and pencils in order.

    Put all your pens nicely in a pen holder as it potrays a cleaner look to your desk.
    You can create your own very cool pen holders using empty cans and colorful craft paper (wrapping      
    sheets). Using a can opener, remove the lid of the can. Wash and Dry the can, using some glue, stick the        
    paper on the can. There you have a easy DIY Pen Holder .

2. Keep you pocket stuff in one place.

    All your pocket stuff such as your keys, phone, wallet, earphones should be in one drawer with all the charging wires so a mess is not seen on the desk. If you don't have a separate drawer for these things then keep them in a box and put them in the corner.

3. Frequently used items.

    The things that are frequently used keep them on the top of the table so that they are easy to access.

4. Remove Electronics out of sight.

    Cable modem, wireless router, battery backup shouldn't be on your desk as the introduces visual clutter.

5. Lighting.

  There should be proper lighting. As it improves the image of your desk. Also proper lighting makes you
  work better.

6. Calendarssss.
   Calendars are must. Especially the ones on which you can write your schedules.

7. Most Important Thing ; STAY ORGANIZED YOUR SELF :)

Best Of Luck;
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Love; ZAINAB :)

Friday, 11 May 2012

Change ♥

How my change on the Blog Guys ?? Pink to Blue ??
Tell me how u think of it .
And any changes u want tell me, I would love to add and improve it :)
CIE Examinations have started.. Wish me Luck !
Gona come up with a lot of posts after exams :)
Thankyou :)

Saturday, 21 April 2012

My Favourite 2 Earphones...

Well I have a tried a lot of Earphones and I thought that maybe it would be fun to show you guys my Favourite 2 !

1. Sony  Stereo Headphones in Pale Pink :
These are by far the best headphones that I have ever tried , the voice quality is amazing and the transparent ear buds are really comfortable.. The Pale Pink colour is also really pretty and looks very Chic and Girly..

2. The Original Apple earphones :
These earphones don't have anything special, but they are extremely amazing,The Voice quality is great and the grip is amazing.
The reason  used the word original is because there are many replications of these earphones and thus they don't have the same quality, The ones that come with the Iphone or Ipod are great...

I have tried more earphones such as Beats and Skull Candy , but the best are these....

I hope you Guys like this Small fun Post ,

I took out time from studies to write a post.

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Thank you :)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hello Guys :)

Hello Guys ,
I'am sorry for not updating more often,
I have my CIE papers coming up and i need to do really good in them to get admission in a good College,
So I'll start updating as soon as i get free from papers.. Thankyou... :)

P.s: If you have any questions or want to request anything for me to show you, than please write it in the comments below :)

Enjoy the new songs up this month :
1.) Demi Lovato - Give your heart a break!
2.) Justin Bieber - Boyfriend
3.) Drake ft. Rihanna - Take care
4.) Nicki Minaj _ Beez in the trap

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Various ways of putting on eyeliners!

This is something I found on Michelle phan's page on Facebook the other day!! Choose the one you like !
Hope you guys like itt ....
More post on various topic coming soon after exams... :)
Update : Just 2 Months left for the CIE Examinations :( .... The heats
is on.... Please do pray for me ! ^__^*
Thankyou !

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Photo of the Day!

Spring is here and my cactus just had a flower!
Iam so Happy!!
I have alot of Cactus and soon I will post the pictures!

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Kamshahimnida(*Korean for Thankyou)

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My special surprises from Korea!! 

Iam a Korean freak and last year something totally awesome happened ...
My Dad has alot of Korean friends and last year of friends from Korea came to Pakistan in Feburary... When he came to Pakistan my dad brought him home .. And super excitedly I met him.. And as I was a Korean freak I spoke to him in Korean and he was totally surprised to see my great Korean accent and my love for Korea.

The same year in June I got a TCS and in the TCS was a letter and 2 CDs ..
When I opened them I got totally blown up by what was in there... A Super Junior Show 2 DVD n book and 2NE1 To anyone album! My Happiness couldn't be controlled ... And it was super happy ..
My happiness came to the next level when in the same year in November he came back to Pakistan and brought me 5 Korean albums and a Girls Generation 'The Boys' Tshirt.... I couldn't control my Happiness at all... albums of Tara, Secret, Girls Generation, Brown eyed Girls,Wonder Girls!!
I went crazy after this... I told everyone about It and put all of them on my front table ... ;)

I Hope u like the Experience I shared with you.. :)
I will upload more pictures of the album... And keep updating you with more updates :p
And please do comment as I love to read them and do keep supporting ...
고맙습니다 .....