Monday, 29 August 2011

♥My 1st Haul^__^

This is my first haul. The things I bought were from Agha’s one of Karachi’s best super market.

Agha's Supermarket.

The first thing I bought was the luscious makeup brushes. Luscious is a Pakistani makeup brand.
The brushes came with a price tag of PKR 850/$9.79. These brushes can also be bought from the luscious website: The brushes were of good quality.
The brush case.
The Brushes

Second thing I got was the Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer in 030 natural beige. This concealer was for PKR 575/$6.62. The concealer did not work for me as it was too light for my skin tone but works perfectly for my sister so I gave it to her.

Next thing I bought were the cool and cool oil blotting facial tissues! The price of this product was for something PKR 180/$2.07 but I don’t exactly remember. Haven’t used them yet but have heard good reviews about them.

2nd last thing I bought were the Purederm yogurt pack. I bought one in strawberry which costed around PKR 95/$1.09 and the grape one was for PKR50/$0.58.

The last thing I bought was my tooth brush! ^______^
I bought the Colgate Extra clean. And I bought it in lime green color.

This is it! I would soon review the luscious brushes for you guys.

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  1. Nice haul. Loving those yogurt packs. Wondering if they're available in Islamabad. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear, nice blog...
    Love the haul...
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  3. nice haul...blotting sheets are in my wish list

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