Sunday, 5 August 2012

Back to School ; How to keep your Desk Organized!

There are various ways to keep your desk organized.
As schools are starting I thought of doing a Back to School Series :)

So these are the ways to keep your desk organized.

1. Keep your pens and pencils in order.

    Put all your pens nicely in a pen holder as it potrays a cleaner look to your desk.
    You can create your own very cool pen holders using empty cans and colorful craft paper (wrapping      
    sheets). Using a can opener, remove the lid of the can. Wash and Dry the can, using some glue, stick the        
    paper on the can. There you have a easy DIY Pen Holder .

2. Keep you pocket stuff in one place.

    All your pocket stuff such as your keys, phone, wallet, earphones should be in one drawer with all the charging wires so a mess is not seen on the desk. If you don't have a separate drawer for these things then keep them in a box and put them in the corner.

3. Frequently used items.

    The things that are frequently used keep them on the top of the table so that they are easy to access.

4. Remove Electronics out of sight.

    Cable modem, wireless router, battery backup shouldn't be on your desk as the introduces visual clutter.

5. Lighting.

  There should be proper lighting. As it improves the image of your desk. Also proper lighting makes you
  work better.

6. Calendarssss.
   Calendars are must. Especially the ones on which you can write your schedules.

7. Most Important Thing ; STAY ORGANIZED YOUR SELF :)

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