Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Back to School ; Must Haves ♥

Hi Friends 

Well as Schools are starting there are some must haves that should be in your bags.

1. Body Sprays or Mist.

This is necessary for every girl to bring to school / college.

U never know when you need it.

2. Hand Sanatizer!

In school or at College there are a lot of things that are dirty and infecting. So Hand Sanatizers should always be with you!

3. Tissue Paper.

Tissues are a MUST HAVE You will definetly need it at school / College !

4. Candies.

You never know when u might wanna eat one during class ;)

5. Hair clips and Hair Ties!

Always needed , Sometimes by you or a friend  

6. Earphones.

MUST BRING THEM  At least I cant live without listening to Music!!

7. Mirror!!

U will always need it !!

Well according to me these are the Must Haves..
If you have any to share do comment below about it , I would love it read them ♥
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Love ; ZAINAB ♥

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